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strip the blubber or skin from (a whale or seal)

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In others we see station premises, boiler technology, shore plant flensers and other workers, and unidentified spectators.
The whale was then turned over and the flensers repeated the process on the underside.
The lemmers would be working on a second, and a third would be in the hands of the flensers. Up to 80 whales a day could pass beneath Hell's Gates: in the 1952-53 season factory ships processed more than 32,000 whales.
Once, we were enchanted watching an almost artistic performance of two flensers, who by the sweep of their flensing knives easily and even gracefully cut thick (up to 20 cm or more) blubber layers like paper by making almost meter-long cuts, and putting them in the blubber kettles.
That station employed Portuguese flensers, and its catcher vessel was the Palm, a 51-ft gas-powered yacht (Calderwood, 1972; Webb, 2001).