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strip the blubber or skin from (a whale or seal)

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(Later, Flense will have told Merek: "We were the Flenses.
"Poetry," as George Steiner reminds us in Real Presences is "thought at its most intense." Such intensity ought to be able to pare to the bone of insight and flense away our subterfuge, whether at the level of "The Beeches" or of "charitable foundations for institutional care." It may not, of course, lead to a comfortable fit--but we ought surely to have learnt that comfort alone is not a good indicator of accuracy.
The mission of the ship is ostensibly to catch and kill whales, to flense and render them so as to fill the holds with barrels and barrels of oil.
Generally, the short fictions - like Giles Tarazi's pre-emigration tale "Tomorrow, 6.30" - attempt to flense away the details and distil the complexities into digestible, conventionally rendered, human stories.
Just as the commodity eradicates traces of the labour that produced it, so shooting Possible Worlds in English flenses it of the sociocultural matrix that produced it, and does so in order to make it a more profitable commodity--while, of course, enacting a certain truth about the relative marginalization of Quebecois culture in the consolidating world market.