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rapidity of movement

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"Here, here's Scud East--you'll be tossed, won't you, young un?" Scud was East's nickname, or Black, as we called it, gained by his fleetness of foot.
Tartar could not make time stand still; and time, with his hard-hearted fleetness, strode on so fast, that Rosa was obliged to come down from the bean-stalk country to earth and her guardian's chambers.
If Worcester's backs can replicate the flair, safe hands and fleetness of foot that ran rings around relegationhaunted Henley, they might just have a ghost of a chance of turning over leaders Rotherham at Clifton Lane this weekend.
He showed a darting fleetness of foot and swiftness of mind while his kicking was composed and businesslike, if not quite possessing the metronomic efficiency of Wilkinson.
This Thomson is a very large white South African heavyweight boxer, and in the grand tradition of very large white South African heavyweight boxers lacks a certain charisma; also fleetness of foot; and talent.
Quick hands and fleetness of foot down the line found left wing Martin Dawson, who rode opposite number Nick Baxter's tackle and crashed over in the right-hand corner.
Davenport is hardly renowned for fleetness of foot, but her great strength is the ability to blast her way out of trouble.
Tomorrow night, there's a choice of openers, with the post-bebop fleetness of still-rising tenor saxophonist Denys Baptiste at the Leofric Hotel Ballroom and the trad-inclined Bob Oliver Hot Seven in the same venue's Frederics bar.
Davenport, although she lacks Williams's speed and fleetness of foot, is less prone to error in her groundstrokes.
With numbers close to those of Bach's own tiny Leipzig chorus, the Monteverdi Choir sang with a fullness of tone, fleetness of attack and immediacy of diction which combined sonority with athleticism, as did soloists Robin Tyson, James Gilchrist and Stephen Varcoe; the English Baroque Soloists played with an elan which kept the instrumental textures airily alive, meticulously phrased and articulated.
His interpretation here of Rachmaninov's miraculous Second Symphony had a pianist's rubato and fleetness of touch, a marvellous clarity of texture revealed among these manifold orchestral layers.
While fleetness of foot almost worked on that occasion, this was a night for Blues to let the ball do the work.
"After a couple of games, it was apparent that he had not been chosen for his fleetness of foot or his robust action in the scrum - a member of the selection committee confided in me that Skinner's conviviality after the match was the reason for his pres ence in the side."
Yes, he didn't deliver any superstar passes, but that midfield would be lost without his fleetness of foot and and footballing intelligence.
MARLON PACK While the midfield newcomer will not win any awards for his flashiness or fleetness of foot, his presence in the engine room was invaluable and will be for the rest of the season.