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Synonyms for fleet

Synonyms for fleet

Synonyms for fleet

group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership

a group of steamships operating together under the same ownership

move along rapidly and lightly

disappear gradually

moving very fast


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The School leaders rush back, shouting, "Look out in goal!" and strain every nerve to catch him, but they are after the fleetest foot in Rugby.
For, soaring high, the freer Mind May mount upon the fleetest Wind; May visit Regions yet unknown; And, darting from Zone to Zone, Leave Matters Dross and Earthly Cares Behind.
There is disquiet, then, over the extent to which even the fleetest verse might adequate even an apparently prosaic narrative; a disquiet deepened by the fact that, for all we learn of Sordello's singing, we never learn the slightest detail of what he sings: the moments of verse catalysis above seek to push poetry onward while paradoxically making it stand aside from all narrative furtherance.
Besides, on the ninth day after the feast I declare GAMES-- a race for the fastest ship and whoever's fleetest of foot boldest in strength and best at hurling a spear not to mention the man willing to test his skill at BOXING-- let him step forward and seize the prize!" * crimson petals sacred blood ashes to ashes to holy ghost SNAKE coils around tumulum and lapsus per aras blue spotted / mottled gold throwing a thousand colors up at the sun AENEAS completes the rites--others step forward load meat on burning coals II.
The fleetest of the full marathoners begin arriving shortly after 8 a.m.
I was never the fleetest of foot in the field but I have done a lot of training over the winter and been running a lot lately.
They ensure that the future will not be for anyone but the fleetest of foot.
Barnett is a big unit, not the fleetest of players, but experienced and able to anticipate danger that vital half a second earlier than many.
The Shrewsbury Wonder, plying the route between Shrewsbury and London in its distinctly yellow livery, was one of most recognizable, and certainly one of the fleetest of foot.
Satchel Paige the greatest pitcher, and center fielders Oscar Charleston the defensive stalwart and Cool Papa Bell the fleetest of foot.
Ali was the fleetest of heavyweights in history and Frazier a combination of Henry Armstrong and Rocky Marciano, a man who wore down his opponents with his relentless pace, power punching, and his ability to absorb punishment.
BEBOPPER: Alan Barnes FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2010 On this occasion, the fleetest bebopper in the land will be backed up by the Tom Hill Trio, and will be joined in the fiery soloing front line by trumpeter Bryan Corbett.
Let us take the case of the wolf, which preys on various animals, securing some by craft, some by strength, and some by fleetness; and let us suppose that the fleetest prey a deer for instance, had from any change in the country increased in numbers, or that other prey had decreased in numbers, during that season of the year when the wolf is hardest pressed for food.
Provided that everyone lines up at roughly the same starting point, no one can complain if the race goes to the fleetest of foot.