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Synonyms for fledge

feed, care for, and rear young birds for flight

decorate with feathers

grow feathers

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We used a chi-square analysis to assess the relationship between bleeding and fledging and a binomial probability distribution to determine whether the observed sex ratio differed significantly from the expected sex ratio of 1:1 of nestlings using the following equation: n
While studying a colony of Manx Shearwaters (Puffinus puffinus), on the island of Skomer, researchers from the University's Faculty of Biological Sciences noticed that parent birds seemed to become increasingly insensitive to their chicks' demands for food as they grew close to fledging.
With these early paybacks on our extensive investments, we are excited to continue the translocation work for one more year, ultimately fledging (if all goes well) a total of 70 STAL from the new colony site.
However, quite close to fledging time, two more chicks suddenly died from bacterial infections.
I had the pleasure of observing this fledging process.
html) is one of the many environmental education programs supported by Fledging Birders, a key component of the National Biodiversity Parks (NBP), a non-profit conservation organization.
In songbirds, the several weeks after fledging also include the critical receptive period of learning and discriminating the sound environment, often necessary to avoid predators, secure mates, and reproduce in adulthood (Soha et al.
1991), timing of fledging and availability of food can influence estimates of survival (Sullivan, 1989; Brown and Roth, 2004).
As a result of the fledging, the National Park Service announced that these beaches -- Hatteras Inlet and Cape Point -- would be reopened to ORV and pedestrian use.
Monitoring of newly hatched broods is intense for the first 6 to 8 hours of life, but later the broods are monitored only every 2 to 3 days until fledging.
Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club is a fledging organization that is rapidly on the rise," said Phillips.
Our objectives were to describe: (1) behaviors, (2) movements, and (3) developmental patterns of family groups of the Northern Pygmy-Owl from fledging through initiation of natal dispersal.
Prior to analyses, we estimated date of initiation of clutch for each nest based on direct observation or by back-calculation from dates of hatching or fledging.
Lots of our garden birds are nesting and their chicks fledging at this time, so it's important that they are not disturbed.
He built a fledging airline from a virtual standing start to a carrier that now has a substantial presence in the Pacific.