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Synonyms for fledged

(of birds) having developed feathers or plumage


(of an arrow) equipped with feathers


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Each year National Trust rangers monitor 100 burrows with eggs on the islands and last year found 92 birds had fledged, seen as a remarkable success.
Situated in Samail, the new fully fledged branch provides a portfolio of Personal Banking products and services to new and existing customers.
Global Banking News-October 16, 2013--Penn Liberty Bank to offer full fledged mobile banking(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Summary: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the world's first fully fledged Islamic bank, has announced that it will be the first Islamic bank in Central Europe, the Middle East & Africa (CEMEA) to issue all of its priority and premier customers with Visa Signature Debit Cards, providing them with access to a host of Visa's exceptional benefits and features as well as strengthening its position as one of the most innovative banks worldwide.
Demolition began on May 13 but was halted on July 12 until seagull chicks had fledged their nests from the roof of the building.
We report here the results of recapturing juvenile Grasshopper Sparrows, (Ammodramus savannarum pratensis; GRSP) after they fledged within the summer of their hatching on an experimentally restored, coastal grassland in Maryland.
Monitoring involved the fewest visits to each nest as possible to determine age of nestlings before banding and sampling blood and afterwards to determine if nestlings fledged.
The surge in corticosterone took place over the final few weeks before chicks fledged at about 70 days of age.
Summary: Fans have had their first proper glimpse of the new Twilight film, revealing Bella embracing being a fully fledged vampire.
The post-fledging movements of five of these chicks, followed by satellite telemetry, were comparable to those of five parent-reared chicks fledged from Torishima.
Two chicks successfully fledged from the Glaslyn osprey nest in 2005, followed by another two in 2006 and 2007 with a record three fledging in 2008, 2009 and last year.
Altogether five chicks fledged from four nests across south Co Down.
The study, which saw no significant differences in habitat management between the sites, found the number of lapwing, curlew and golden plover pairs which fledged chicks was 3.
They have already fledged 31 chicks, plus the latest two, who have yet to fledge.
However, when he reciprocally exchanged much younger (4- to 6- week-old) chicks between parent birds on Eastern and Sand Islands within Midway Atoll, most returned as breeders to the island that they had fledged from, rather than where they hatched.