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worn and broken down by hard use

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Westerners, for example, probably will be upset by the mistreatment of animals so prevalent here: cockfights; monkeys tethered to trees by chains attached through holes in their tails; diseased, flea-bitten dogs running freely in every village.
What's she going to do - shuffle around the Barras trying on flea-bitten coats?
As for my flea-bitten dog Buster, he's trademarked by me and God help any f***er who tries to come and get it.
As for my flea-bitten dog Buster, he's copywritten and trademarked and God help any f***r who tries to get it.
She wears a badly stained coat, at least four flea-bitten cardigans and what appears to be Paw Broon's old slippers.
Lounging around it's a saggy, flea-bitten thing like an old beige sofa.
A boy with no PlayStation is a terrible thing to behold - unable to pretend they're David Beckham, or shoot people in shopping malls, they start gibbering and scratch at themselves like flea-bitten apes, their game-playing thumbs flailing wildly in the air.
We ended up walking the streets with our cases and spent the night in this flea-bitten youth hostel.
FOUR police officers were itching to escape a lift - after they were trapped in it beside a pair of flea-bitten tramps.
SHANE HOWARTH has admitted he could finish up Flea-bitten today for the first time in his career.
A FLEA-BITTEN horse saved from the knacker's yard returned home as a world champion yesterday.