flea bite

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sting inflicted by a flea

a very minor inconvenience

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Lesions of experimental flea bite hypersensitivityin the dog.
The sick molester also grumbled about suffering flea bites and rashes after handling other cons' washing for pounds 16 a week at Holloway prison.
While bubonic plague - usually transmitted by flea bite - can be treated with antibiotics if diagnosed early, pneumonic plague is one of the deadliest infectious diseases.
He also agreed to repay the money which is a flea bite out of his hefty pounds 62,000 parliamentary salary.
Viewers will be able to see every flea bite as it happens as the programme goes out live and there will be regular live feeds on the Autumnwatch website.
Symptoms of bubonic plague include enlargement of lymph glands near the flea bite and rapid onset of fever and chills.
Two patents are for the use of the high affinity IgE receptor alpha chain to detect IgE and two patents cover novel flea allergens associated with flea bite allergy in animals.
There also have been rare instances in which the infection has been directly transmitted from cats to humans via a cat flea bite, rather than a cat scratch.
THEECHOCRYPTICCROSSWORD Old county people in the pink Doctor before noon having a drink That'sit, got it, that has to be DRAM What a clever chap I am Eleven across, got another at last If I'm not mistaken that has to be GASP Twenty across could that be FLEA BITE YesI'm fairly sure that I'm right Fourteen down, got one more That killer must be MATADOR Rascals pitch, they're tents on board That'll be SCAMPS, got one more I'm starting now to get the gist Twenty two across, that'sMOTORIST Then back to twelve across I jump A little sugar, got it, LUMP Twenty one across, my brain'sgone numb Can't get the rest, I must be DUMB.
It is assumed that the victim was infected by a flea bite.
Flea bite hypersensitivity also called flea allergic dermatitis (FAD) is the most common skin allergy encountered in small animal Veterinary medicine (Fisher, 1999; Wilkerson et al.
It all adds up to a mess that could make the 2008 credit crunch seem like a flea bite.
But for those of us living in the real world, it's no more than a flea bite, which will no doubt disappear very quickly when prices go up again.
Caused by just one flea bite, it can easily be avoided by effective use of flea treatments applied monthly from your vet.