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Synonyms for flay



Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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Every Saturday he march in the street carrying Palestinian flags and banners he hands out flayers the calls for the end of the Israeli occupation.
The flayers were showered on Khan Yunis, Al-Bureij refugee camp in eastern
There are serrated blade styles, skinners, flayers, drop points, and some even have a built-in gut hook in order to make the hide incisions a bit easier on big game.
AN 89th-minute Luke Flayers' header, from goalkeeper Tony Pennock's headed flick-on, earned lowly Carmarthen Town a precious point against Bangor City in a thrilling finish at Farrar Road.
who felt the flayers in the wings, the hooks in the bone," then it appears possible to see in the Carceri an attempt by Piranesi to create with his imaginary prisons a self-portrait of the twenty-three-year-old architect struggling to be a builder (Schama 599).