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Synonyms for flay



Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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Flayer found out about the speech contest in her government class at Hart High and appreciates the help she has received from her instructor, Pete Pew.
Teachers have given up their lunch time and after school to help me,'' Flayer said.
Flayer drew from Charles Dickens' classic ``A Christmas Carol'' in formulating the content of her speech.
Flayer said she can still get nervous in front of a crowd, but she considers herself an outgoing and social person.
There are serrated blade styles, skinners, flayers, drop points, and some even have a built-in gut hook in order to make the hide incisions a bit easier on big game.
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From: (address is spoofed) -- Body: (Message body is empty) -- Subject: * Price * New Price-list * Hardware devices price-list * Weekly activity report * Daily activity report * Maria * Jenny * Jessica * Registration confirmation * USA government abolishes the capital punishment * Freedom for everyone * Flayers among us * From Hair-cutter * Melissa * Camila * Price-list * Pricelist * Price list * Hello my friend * Hi