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Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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The Mind Flayer is still here and it's out for vengeance.
(Much to the dismay of his friends with better taste, Lucas compares it favourably to New Coke.) Billy and others are taken over by a force not unlike the alien of 'The Thing,' and the Mind Flayer bears a striking resemblance to that alien as well, not least because of its spider-like legs.
The dissemination of posters, flayers and other material to increase awareness levels on corruption.
Las cartas, que circulan en el ciberespacio y tambien impresas en afiches, flayers e incluso camisetas, son un buen ejemplo de la manera como desde la creatividad y la imaginacion politica, se generan formas de comunicacion alternativas.
Information can also be provided through different media such as flayers, pamphlets, videos, cassette re-cords and websites.
A travers la commune et meme celles environnantes comme Boghni et Assi-Youcef, des affiches et flayers sont colles ou distribues un peu partout pour inviter les femmes a venir nombreuses effectuer ces tests pour leur bien-etre.
Abu-Bakr said the army distributed warning flayers in Yabad and threatened to consider more collective punishments against the town and nearby villages if local youths continue to hurl stone at Israeli vehicles.
Gifts and awareness flayers were distributed at a number of schools as part of the drive.
(22) In his Martyrs and Flayers in Early Modern England, David K.
and he saw himself nailed to the cross of his own cradle and coffin, painfully trying to tear his body away, only, eventually to deliver himself--utterly naked, without identifying mark, stripped down to essentials--into the care of the people whose duty it was to wash the corpses, people obeying an order snapped out in the dry air against a background loud with torturers and flayers of skin, where he was obliged to watch the human condition without a trace of pity, without a single possibility of any way back to life, because by then he would know for certain that all his life he had been playing with cheaters who had marked the cards and who would, in the end, strip him even of his last means of defense, of that hope of someday finding his way back home."
Warning flayers stated that the occupation army will work to protect the "Israeli territories" and secure its people, with a phrase saying "the forewarned is forearmed." Leaflets also included two maps illustrating the access-restricted areas along the borders of the Gaza Strip, the sources added.