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Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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Addressing the angry protesters JamaateIslami, naib Amer FATA Zernoor Afridi flayed the republishing caricatures in the strongest possible words, and said under the garb of the so called Freedom of Expression defamation of the last Prophet will not be tolerated, adding the Muslims will never hesitate to sacrifice their lives for upholding honor of the Prophet.
All these actions make use of different sets of muscles and von Hagens has flayed and peeled away the obscuring flesh that allows us to see the inner workings of the body.
A MAN was virtually flayed to death by being dragged for two miles by a lorry.
John Kerry's tragic Vietnam story: A massacre in the heat of battle returns to haunt a successful businessman (Don Johnson) as the Army considers whether to try him for murder and his family is flayed in the media.
This time he flayed the Glamorgan attack for 161 not out with 21 fours and a six during an innings spanning 147 balls -his best one-day score.
Last year he risked arrest by carrying out the first public autopsy for 170 years in Britain, on live television, and last June brought his Body Worlds exhibition to Newcastle University, attracting more than 800 people to see flayed human bodies preserved using a technique called plastination.
Leathley flayed the ball to all parts of the ground before running out of overs to leave him unbeaten just four runs short of what would have been a deserved century.
According to the alternative weekly Los Angeles New Times, folks can play with Suffering Bob, "an obese amputee with what looks like the gimp from Pulp Fiction busting out of his crotch," as well as Feverish, "another fat man, lying in a pool of mucus while giving birth to worms," and Camille Noir, "an angel with wings of flayed skin and a buzz-saw blade embedded in her forehead as a halo.
In "Arab Horses Fighting in a Stable," his version of the subject, Delacroix was able to synthesize the classical with the exotic, with his studies of ecorche (French for flayed bodies), with the example of English art, and with the work of Rubens--Delacroix owned Pieter Claesz Soutman's engravings of Rubens' paintings of hunts.
The Body Worlds exhibition features flayed human bodies preserved using a special technique called plastination, invented by Professor Gunther von Hagens.
flayed bare skin, who revere all austere absolutes to make the empty place
In another version the Muses were the judges, and they awarded the victory to Apollo, who tied Marsyas to a tree and flayed him.
Jamiat Huqooq Tahaffuz Kashtkaran Punjab President Hafiz Saeed Mustafa Chidhar flayed the management of Gulf Sugar Mills and Deharki Sugar Mills for purchasing sugarcane from farmers at the prices much lower than the officially fixed rates.
He said that he strongly flayed the targeted killing of Sabri who became victim of act of terror.
In their joint statement the KUJ leaders have also flayed the dacoit at the home of senior journalist Waqar Bhatti and snatching of valuables from photojournalists Majid, cameraman Zuhaib Jeay Jaa.