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Synonyms for flaw

Synonyms for flaw

something that mars the appearance or causes inadequacy or failure

Synonyms for flaw

an imperfection in an object or machine

defect or weakness in a person's character

an imperfection in a plan or theory or legal document that causes it to fail or that reduces its effectiveness

add a flaw or blemish to


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Based on the flaw occurrence in 5-Control Groups of SMP, the data were divided into the case group (a flaw occurred) or the control group (no flaw occurred).
Results: The proportion of flawed items out of 150 items in six exams ranged from 16% to 52%.
Miscreants who exploit these flaws can take over the vulnerable device - all a victim has to do is open a JPEG or PDF file booby-trapped with malicious code, so get patching before you're caught out.
SourceDNA says that the day the flaw was identified and patched, they found about 20,000 of the 100,000 apps using AFNetworking were updated or had released apps after the flawed code was committed.
Before every practice session we asked ourselves, "What am I working on today?" And then we made a conscious effort to focus only on that flaw, sometimes for many practice sessions, until we cleaned it up.
Shreateh continued to explain the flaw to Facebook but was greeted by an email from security stating, "I am sorry this is not a bug."
They used extreme values of the characteristic flaw and microstructure features that were assumed to have nominal value (50% probability) and 99.94% (+3 standard deviations) probability of occurrence.
When a "conservative" failure model is used in conjunction with a hydrostatic test, the simplified model underestimates the maximum flaw size that could have survived the test.
VLC developers claim that the original exploit report is incorrect since they already fixed the flaw with version 3.0.3 of the app.
The global report found retail is second only to healthcare in its speed of shutting down flaws, which reduces risk exposure.
Berlin [Germany], October 1 ( ANI ): Telegram's desktop app had a major flaw that put both public and private IP addresses of users vulnerable during voice calls.
More than 85 percent of all applications contain at least one vulnerability following the first scan, and more than 13 percent of applications contain at least one very high severity flaw. In addition, organisations' latest scan results indicate that one in three applications were vulnerable to attack through high or very high severity flaws.
Though the flaw affects many chips from Intel, Advanced Micro Devices and Softbank Group's ARM Holdings, researchers described the risks as low, partly because of web browser patches already issued earlier this year to address Spectre.
Intel is being driven into a corner after a new security flaw was found in its hardware last week, in addition to the two major processor vulnerabilities revealed earlier this month.