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lacking taste or flavor or tang

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The more invested you are in the old-fashioned Robin Hood of legend -- here played by Taron Egerton, in a quilted, black-leather hoodie that makes him look like he stepped out of Barney's on Madison Avenue, and not Sherwood Forest -- the less likely you are to enjoy what amounts to a chilly and flavourless frapp of historical speculation, revisionist folklore and every lazy action-movie cliche ever written.
Sadly, there isn't anything similarly generous to say about Mrs Diner's roast pumpkin gnocchi, which were grimly inept and flavourless pellets.
Fry the kernels in a flavourless oil like sunflower oil.
The girls - Alix Dupont, Anna Lemos, Ella Wusten, Gargi Moghe, Hanna Van Doren, Julia van Bourgonje, Julia van Cuijck, Jumana Saada, Maria Crampin, and Saskia Tromp, had to wear rubber nose-clips while their hair was rolled up in buns and gelled by flavourless gelatine to keep it in place.
The gold was flavourless, the report said and added, gold leaf,flake or dust is used on and in some gourmet foods, notably sweets and drinks as an embellishing ingredient.
Some of her axiomatic summaries of a particular year or period stick in the mind: 1956 is described as "mikor a szornyu rend olomfalat / az almok arvize harsogva torte at" (when the leaden wall of a terrible order / was roaringly broken by the flood of dreams), and the 1970s are described as the "decade of comfortable despair / and flavourless joy." Rakovszky also manages to catch the mood dominating the collective psyche after the change of regime of 1990 as the nation is tossed between hope and fear, feeling shipwrecked.
Lacklustre graphics, violent slapstick and poorly judged jokes about lazy eyes are presented in a flavourless feast of funlessness.
The Slim range - which includes Slim Pasta and Slim Noodles - is flavourless, allowing you to add a sauce of your choice.
Participants were asked to chew flavourless gum (vigorously or naturally) whilst performing the task and then repeat the task without engaging in any chewing.
It has an authenticity that sets it apart from other insipid genre revivalists and flavourless records that belong in the glove boxes of Ford Mondeos or on the shelves of your nearest supermarket.
But supermarkets are not solely to blame - they are after all responding to demand for cheap, uniform (and as a by-product often flavourless) fruit.
Add in the early elimination of two countries who between them have a billion fanatical supporters (nobody's fault except their teams' for not playing well enough) and you have a recipe for something very flat and flavourless, when what you should have had is red rum, jerk chicken and roti to the jubilant sound of conch horns.
Unlike some calcium ingredients that can impart a chalky flavour, TruCal[R] is flavourless, resulting in a clean-tasting end product--another important consideration for Yoplait.
(1) - Hydrogenated poly-1-decene is an inert, colourless, odourless and flavourless substance.
There is no foodstuff on Earth he has not reduced to an overcooked, flavourless monstrosity," which, he says, goes some way to explaining the `stoic Victorian personality'.