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Synonyms for flavour

Synonyms for flavour

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

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The first part of Flavour in Food reviews the way flavour is detected and measured.
Contents are: Perspectives on the Effects of Interactions on Flavour Perception.
Each Clearly Canadian flavour has a label that is colour coded to depict the product's refreshing natural flavour inside.
The book contains a large amount of information and, therefore, it is useful to list the chapter titles which are as follows: Predicting acceptability from flavour data; Sensory analysis of flavours; Food acceptability; Psychology and psychophysiological measurements of flavour; Matching sensory and instrumental analyses; Product optimization; Software for data collection and processing; Citrus breeding and flavour; Cereal flavour; Meat flavour; Consumer perceptions of natural foods; Biotechnical production of flavours; Natural flavours for alcoholic beverages; Beer flavour; Wine flavour; Flavour of distilled beverages; Cocoa flavour; Cheese flavour; and Savoury flavours.
Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (OTCBB:CCBC) (TSE:CLV) today announced the introduction of new Clearly Canadian Orange Pineapple, a refreshing new flavour in the Clearly Canadian sparkling water line-up.
This book, Volume 28 in their Developments in Food Science series, reviews the latest concepts concerning a large number of aspects of flavour quality.
Tre Limone is a sparkling lemon-ginger drink with a light refreshing flavour and a distinct, warming aftertaste.
35 Albertson's stores in Houston, Texas will offer Clearly Canadian sparkling water in four flavour choices in the 11 oz.
The design maintains the brand's sophisticated, premium imagery and allows us to improve the flavour identification, better communicating our complete range, which now includes three new flavours.