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Synonyms for flavour

Synonyms for flavour

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

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The hook reviews ways of measuring flavour and looks at ways flavour is retained and released in food
The Qpearl[TM] Release flavour range, in three chew-duration variations, is creating new possibilities for manufacturers seeking to develop new and unique chewing gum flavour sensations, including late-release flavours.
The design maintains the brand's sophisticated, premium imagery and allows us to improve the flavour identification, better communicating our complete range, which now includes three new flavours.
Over the past ten years, the Alternative Beverage category has grown dramatically, to approximately (US) $6 billion in North American sales, through the introduction of hundreds of new products and flavours, including entries from the major beverage companies.
Lucky will offer consumers three flavours of Clearly Canadian 11 oz.
Three flavours of Clearly Canadian sparkling water in the 1 Litre PET bottle will be now be available at approximately 310 Ralphs supermarkets and Food 4 Less warehouse stores in Southern California.
Sav-Mart Grocery have now listed four flavours of Clearly Canadian sparkling flavoured water for its 91 stores in California located in the area covering Sacramento to Fresno.
The book contains a large amount of information and, therefore, it is useful to list the chapter titles which are as follows: Predicting acceptability from flavour data; Sensory analysis of flavours; Food acceptability; Psychology and psychophysiological measurements of flavour; Matching sensory and instrumental analyses; Product optimization; Software for data collection and processing; Citrus breeding and flavour; Cereal flavour; Meat flavour; Consumer perceptions of natural foods; Biotechnical production of flavours; Natural flavours for alcoholic beverages; Beer flavour; Wine flavour; Flavour of distilled beverages; Cocoa flavour; Cheese flavour; and Savoury flavours.
Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (OTCBB:CCBC) (TSE:CLV) today announced the introduction of new Clearly Canadian Orange Pineapple, a refreshing new flavour in the Clearly Canadian sparkling water line-up.
Clearly Canadian Lemonade adds to the premium flavour experience that our consumers have come to associate with Clearly Canadian," said Jonathan Cronin, VP of Marketing.
Flavour is one of the most important characteristics of any food product.
This book provides a state-of-the-art review of current understanding of the key stages of flavour perception for those working in the flavour field, whether in the academic or industrial sector.
The interaction of flavour compounds with food systems is one of the major factors in flavour perception.
The aim of this text is to discuss the physical stimuli involved in flavours in lipid foods and how flavours are isolated, separated and characterized.
A full market commentary provides in-depth analysis of trends in such areas as flavours, functional ingredients, industry structure, key industry features, new developments, and forecasts to 2009.