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Dietary fibres like oligosaccharides might cause flatus when consumed in larger amounts and the problem can even be worse when taken by children.
The first passage of flatus was seen on postoperative hours 24.8 in gum chewing group and on hours 30.0 in the control group respectively (p=0.002), and also the first feeling of hunger were felt on postoperative hours 11.8 in the gum-chewing group and 14.5 hours in the control group (p=0.050).
Surveys were completed within three to six months postpartum and women with recurring episodes of involuntary loss of stool or flatus were considered to have faecal incontinence, by the researchers from Oregon Health & Science University.
People normally pass flatus a mean of 15 times per day.
Also women with instrumental births were 0.165 more likely to complain from flatus incontinence than those with spontaneous vaginal delivery consistent with Declercq et al.
In study group; one patient developed faecal soiling (lasted for 2 weeks) and another two patients developed flatus incontinence, lasted for about a week.
"It was not until 1974 that flatus first appeared on screen," Robert Arthur reports in You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos (Feral House).
The incidence varies between 0% and 35% for flatus incontinence, 0% and 21% for liquid, and 0% and 5% for solid stool.
She continued to pass flatus and had opened her bowels the day before.
AI included either incontinence of flatus, liquid stool, or solid stool or both.
Five days after surgery, he began liquid diet followed by a semi-liquid diet after the first flatus and normal bowel sounds were heard on auscultation; he was gradually able to tolerate a normal diet.
All patients were discharged if they complied with the following predefined discharge criteria: (1) adequate pain control with oral analgesics; (2) ability to tolerate solid food; (3) passage of first flatus and/or first stool; and (4) mobilization as preoperative.