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Synonyms for flatulency

a state of excessive gas in the alimentary canal

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69 Elettaria Fruit pulp Powder--2 Anna cardamomu m (L.) Maton 70 Unidentified Leaves Powder--4 anna, 2 times orally administered 71 Unidentified Top of stem Powdered top of stems are taken with mishri (crystalline sugar) and a little milk in the evening daily Serial Scientific Disease & Number Name Symptoms 1 Justicia Flatulency, low sperm count, sperm adhatoda L.
The efficacy of Aegle marmelos in the relief of flatulency has been reviewed (Dhankhar et al., 2011); the healer used the plant for the same purpose (Serial Number 12).
4 Root Stomach pain, flatulency. Macerated roots are mixed with mustard oil and massaged around the navel.
17 Dysentery (frequent stool, Barks of Terminalia arjuna abdominal pain), flatulency, (Roxb.
To increase digestion, relieve constipation and flatulency. 5-10g of dry bark of Ficus hispida is crushed and boiled in 4 cups of water till the volume is reduced to 1 cup.
The roots of Clerodendrum viscosum were used for alleviation of waist pain, while the top of young stems were used for treatment of intermittent fever or flatulency.