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a closely cropped haircut


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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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Raimondi's chief operations officer, Eng Domenico Ciano, said the LRH174's installation process is similar to that of flattops, since the machine does not feature A-frames and tie rods traditionally used in luffers.
At her inactivation ceremony, then-Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced the third Ford-class carrier, CVN 80, would become the ninth flattop named Enterprise.
Flattop Ruger revolvers have always caught my attention, but this one was exceptional.
Jeep, a subsidiary of Chrysler LLC, is launching its Wrangler Flattop at the annual Easter Jeep Safari.
Says Pat Hogan, Rock Island Auctions president: "This specimen is an extremely rare flattop variation, and they are highly prized within the collecting field.
By the 1920s, though, the hourglass design had been phased out and replaced by a flattop hopper.
As the fleet passed the strait, warplanes were deployed from the flattop to guard the surrounding area, they said.
Whether skiing the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail on a lunch hour, summer fishing for wild Alaska salmon at Ship Creek, hiking Flattop, enjoying a fine dining experience with a view of the Chugach Mountains or taking in a First Friday art exhibition, Anchorage residents lead a life that's bigger and a little wilder than most, according to a press release.
With a flattop, muscles, and a working-class chip on her shoulder, Max Rabinowitz is butch in a way that gets her stared at, chased down dark New Jersey streets, and sometimes beaten up.
Kabaya told reporters after the meeting that he relayed a request that the United States continue deploying a conventional flattop in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, where the 83,960-ton conventional flattop Kitty Hawk is currently based.
Golden m/f Flattop. Cream m/f 1 Craftyskill, 2 A Blair.
No, not rooftop gardens or flattop tar parties decorated with air-conditioning vents and plastic bamboo.
Companies engaged in filling, labeling, assembling, packing or inspecting cans, bottles or packages up to 12" wide can speed the process with Bilt-Rite's FTC-760-SR straight running flattop chain conveyor.
System of flattop or tabletop chain conveyors is based on precision aluminum profile frames with accuracy and ease of "system building" augmented by full length t-slots for assembling components, such as: side-frames, drive units, supports, guide rails, and more.
Perhaps the most unusual new grill to hit the market this year is from Portland, Ore.-based Evo, which has introduced a flattop grill.