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Synonyms for flattering

Synonyms for flattering

pleasingly suited to the wearer

Antonyms for flattering

showing or representing to advantage

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Wearing materials such as jersey fabric, that doesn't create the most flattering shape, is also not a wise move.
The cross-over style shaves inches off your middle, and the vertical yellow panels are super flattering.
This flattering pair features a striking tribal print with sequin and stone embellishments.
The darts cinch the coat at the waist and create flattering vertical lines (7).
Why she chose it: "The outfit is stylish and comfortable yet is on trend and flattering.
Do remember that sequins will be the most eye-catching part of your outfit, so be sure to wear them on a flattering part of your body!
This navy and yellow number from Monsoon, pounds 45, 0844 8110069, www.monsoon.co.uk, not only ticks a key spring colour story,it also has a flattering drape detail at the front, which will add to the slimming effect of the shape.
2 : to gain or get by coaxing or flattering <He's trying to wheedle money out of them.>
If your goal is to downplay your bottom, Mirella Dancewear's Marilyn Burbank says, "Cap sleeves may make your shoulders look broader, creating a balance." Prima Soft's Marlena Juniman suggests "wearing a leotard with flattering detail at the bodice to distract from the hip area." Wish you were taller?
If you've ever wondered why photographs of the President turn out so much better than the ones in your family scrapbook, it may be because the Bush White House--like its predecessors--works overtime to guarantee the most flattering images possible.
It should be expected that slickly packaged, flattering lies would resonate most effectively among the "cutting edge" component of the "most marketed-to" generation.
It follows then that the experience of such a form will be flattering, for it tells the reader that what he has always thought about the world is true and that his ways of thinking are sufficient.
In ancient Egypt, by Stengel's account, flattering the Pharaoh was the organizing principle of government.
Owen signed a new contract earlier this season that will keep him at Anfield until he is 24, and said: "Obviously it is flattering to be linked with a club like Lazio but I'm still very happy at Liverpool.
1425 up to 1706; and the adjective glavering 'deceitful, flattering', recorded from Pierce the Ploughman's Crede and Morte Arthur of c.