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Synonyms for flatterer

one who flatters another excessively

Synonyms for flatterer

a person who uses flattery

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The Flatterer also "will play any upon his countenance, and where he cannot be admitted for a counseller, he will serve as a foole" (The "Conceited Newes" of Sir Thomas Overbury and His Friends, ed.
By being less threatening and confrontational and making the flatterer part of the process, he or she won't have issues that could affect your career or your relations with management.
Spotting an obvious flatterer was easy, but discerning a clever one was a much harder task.
It was pervasive enough that the Roman writer Plutarch penned an essay on the age-old theme, "How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend," which included these gems, as summarized by Stengel:
Not attempt denunciation, nor exercise adulation: The informer is paid with scorn and with the coins from the reptiles' fund; the rumormonger winds up losing his or her tongue, and the flatterer is rewarded with a stingy and contemptuous slap in the back.
Best of all, though, he's a flatterer - he came here, he said, because the people love their football in Liverpool - and what woman doesn't fall for that?
Flatterer Garvey constantly analyses the crowd, looking for everyone to join in the party especially encouraging 'hands-in-the-air' joyful sing-alongs to Grounds For Divorce and epic closer One Day Like This.
Yet there may be someone in your circle that seems too much of a flatterer for your taste.
I really didn't want to work but Alejandro's such a flatterer that I sucked it up and went to Morocco.
Lawler's analysis of Conscience's behaviour in the dinner scene leads him to propose that his surprising action at the end of the poem in admitting Friar Flatterer into the Barn of Unity is an inevitable consequence of his courtesy.
Smith Eccles and See You Then stalked Barnbrook Again to between the last two flights, brushed him aside as though he were a nonentity, and easily saw off the late thrust of American champion Flatterer.
Antony himself admits he is "either a coward or a flatterer.
This type of individual is opposed to the flatterer, the liar, the taker, the unrestrained, the inane, and the verbose.
racing into the history books with third win The hardest-earned of the hat-trick, See You Then again cruised into the lead going this time alongside Barnbrook Again but there was no acceleration away from his rivals this time as American Steeplechase Triple Crown winner Flatterer, a four-time Eclipse Award winner, closed to a length and a half of the 11-10 favourite at the line with Barnbrook Again in third.