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an associate who shares an apartment with you

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The victim's Egyptian flatmate testified that the defendant had knocked on her door one Friday afternoon and she scolded him and kicked him away when he asked her for her number.
Other flatmates intervened once they heard the victim shouting in pain and stopped the suspect from continuing his knife attack.
The man is facing charges of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm in connection with an incident back in July when he allegedly injured his flatmate, 42, with a golf club.
Their flatmate, John Clark, 19, had a not guilty plea accepted to threatening and menacing Ruskin director Michael York.
As Ben veers between admiration and disdain for his immigrant flatmate and engaged school friends (a goofy Alfie Allen and sympathetic Katie Brayben) who are mere props to his jealous fury, the audience are left wondering what is to like about this play which is essentially an exercise in egotism in which the playwright steals all of the best lines.
I went out to the living room and saw the defendant sitting on a chair while my flatmate was behind her door shaking and yelling.
The witness said he learnt later from his flatmate that the defendant disappeared and was never returning his calls after he collected the money.
Brian Hegarty, defending, said a fall-out with his flatmate was behind Convey's latest offending.
Reading his mother's thoughts, Anthony volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Maria and I are just flatmates.
The latest episode in the lives of the BT flatmates will see Simon played by BAFTA winner, Daniel Rigby reluctantly letting his mum in and hoping that it is a flying visit.
AN Italian immigrant who killed his flatmate cannot be deported because he is not a "sufficiently serious threat" to the public, senior judges ruled yesterday.
Joanna A: THE most effective way to solve this is to rent out a room to another flatmate as having a third person in the house will completely change the energy.
Summary: Amanda Knox is to stand trial for allegedly slandering policemen during the investigation into the killing of her British flatmate.
When it came to overnight guests, most felt it was fine for a flatmate's partner to stay the night once or twice a week, while 81 per cent felt flatmates who have regular overnight guests should chip in more for bills.
30pm The housemates need extra cash so Rhian (Elin Phillips), Cath (Kezia Burrows) and Ameer (Simon Rivers) reluctantly decide to advertise for a new flatmate in this week's episode of the medical drama.