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Synonyms for flatfoot

Synonyms for flatfoot

a policeman who patrols a given region

a foot afflicted with a fallen arch

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Free dance classes will take place including Northern Soul from the Night Owl, break dancing with the Break Mission Crew, barn dance hoe down with Cut A Shine, Appalachian flatfoot dancing, Iyengar Yoga, Drum 'n' Bounce, capoeira from the Brazilian Cultural Centre, Charleston and jazz with DanceXchange, Bollytone with Hina Chavda and Rapper Sword Dancing from Stone Monkey.
Medial displacement calcaneal osteotomy is an effective procedure to correct adult acquired flatfoot (pes planovalgus deformity) with a structured but flexible deformity.
An Investigation of the factors affecting flatfoot in children with delayed motor development.
Correlating factors and clinical significance of flexible flatfoot in preschool children.
The pathological, or rigid flatfoot, is characterized by a fixed arch that is not modified by the support or lack of support of weight (3).
12) But the programmes had been printed before this intention became clear to the company; so they inserted an additional slip into the programmes, saying "The play 'The Swaggering Soldier' featured in tonight's performance of Flatfoot was written by Titus Maccius Plautus.
Adult acquired flatfoot deformity: treatment of dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon.
FLATFOOT 56 has been building a following on the road for the past 10 years.
Clinical Practice Guidelines diagnosis and treatment of pediatric flatfoot.
The progressive orthesis family refers to a range of orthesis, same type, having progressive dimensions, which can be adapted on the flatfoot persons' shoes, due to the fact that the flatfoot disease can lead to different locomotion or stability problems.
As a young green flatfoot, she had her share of missteps and accidents.
Unlike the pied plat of French, however, the flatfoot of American English means a police officer and refers not to stealth, but rather to the fallen arches of one who walks a beat.
A flatfoot, in contrast, creates a poor releve, which is less of an issue in modern dance than ballet.
If anything, with your flatfoot structure and need for an arch brace, you would be safer to use a more supportive, straight-lasted, anti-pronation shoe.