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Synonyms for flat-topped

having a flat or flattened upper surface


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I had covered quite a little distance, and I was pass-ing through a strip of wood which lay at the foot of one of the flat-topped hills, when I became conscious of the sensation of being watched.
Over the horizon of trees, the volcano of Corcovado, and the great flat-topped one to the north, stood out in proud pre-eminence: scarcely another peak in the long range showed its snowy summit.
A hundred and fifty feet aft down the flat-topped tunnel of the tanks a violet light, restless and irresolute.
The shape of the grip frame was identical to the Colt, but the mainframe was flat-topped and fitted with an adjustable sight.
It has dark and dissected foliage and flat-topped clusters of pink flowers (these will make a pink cordial).
Researchers had previously noted that the shape of the flat-topped mountains in the region resembled volcanoes on Earth that erupted underneath ice.
The council has said a crossing isn't necessary but will install three flat-topped road humps and will make changes to road markings and signs.
Cape Town :Fire swept the foot of South Africa's famous Table Mountain on Wednesday, days after the flat-topped peak was formally crowned one of the world's new seven wonders of nature, officials said.
The frames were also flat-topped and fitted with adjustable sights.
Student Rory McInnes thought he had got away with the ultimate prank - at least until a helicopter flew over his parents' home and everyone on board saw the 60ft willy he had painted on the flat-topped roof.
The new flat-topped boxes have been designed as a result of the many customer calls for products that stack neatly.
The flowers of yarrow are known as cymes and appear as flat-topped clusters, up to 6 inches across in some varieties, of many small blooms.
Mesa: A large, flat-topped hill; common in the Western U.
Historically, Vancouver's cityscape evolved as a series of identifiable landmark structures, but by the late '90s it had gradually merged into an indistinguishable plateau of flat-topped towers.
n It is deciduous and bears flat-topped clusters of white flowers followed by orange or brilliant red berries.