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Synonyms for flat-top

having a flat or flattened upper surface


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These large flat-top tower cranes increase their maximum load capacity up to 50 tonnes among other improvements.
The 16CM260 flat-top tower crane will be displayed with a special 7m height configuration.
The Flat-Top Blackhawk only lasted until 1962 and then it was "improved" to what we now know as the Old Model.
However, we need to calculate the ripple deviation only in case of flat-top beam within a predefined range of [theta] ([[theta].sub.min] [less than or equal to] [theta] [less than or equal to] [[theta].sub.max]).
From Table 3 it can be seen that the obtained value of ripple (absolute value) for the flat-top beam of 'case II' , computed using FA, in the region -12[degrees] [less than or equal to] [theta] [less than or equal to] 12[degrees] is 1.0419dB, whereas ripple computed using PSO for the flat-top beam of 'case II' in the same region is 0.8190 dB.
The blistering sear of "a la plancha," which translates as "grilled on a metal plate," has nothing to do with middle age and everything to do with the versatility, high heat and even higher drama that this type of flat-top grilling delivers.
Also supplies a range of horizontal conveyors with PVC or wire-mesh belts inclined belt conveyors in fixed and portable versions (one with hydraulic height adjustment), inclined and cleated sidewall conveyors for granular materials, live-roller conveyors, flat-top chain conveyors for bottles and containers, gravity conveyors (roller and skate-wheel types), stainless-steel belt and chain conveyors, and rotary accumulators and unscramblers.
There would be once again 11 carriers in 2015, when the construction of the newest flat-top, the CVN-78, is scheduled to be completed.
The campaign, airing on Pyongyang television, shows a few state-approved hairstyles, such as the flat-top crew cut, the middle hairstyle, the low hairstyle, and the high hairstyle, all of which are between 1 and 5 centimeters in length.
What helped seal the deal for Heathcott Associates at meetings with Toody's executives was Heathcott staff members dressing 50s style and agency President Gary Heathcott showing up with a flat-top haircut.
Upper receiver: flat-top with removable carrying handle and elevation adjustment
The new refractive beam shaper converts Gaussian laser beam input to produce a collimated, flat-top beam that can propagate without change in power and intensity and with no loss of uniformity over large distances at nearly 100% efficiency.
According to NetTest the new product is the industry's first flat-top athermal component that does not require power to maintain temperature control across the entire operating range, thereby eliminating failures related to electric consumption, equipment and electronics.