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with feet flat on the ground

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unprepared and unable to react quickly

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having broad flat feet that usually turn outward

without reservation

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He would have us believe that Blake's obscene drawings have nothing to do with his own propensities (he states flat-footedly that Blake was not himself homosexual, and--more remarkably--refuses absolutely to entertain psychological speculation about his personality), and he reads all of an increasingly rich record of perverse interest in Blake's works as progress towards toleration.
And the clod-footed, glum-faced Rea definitely grows on you, so that, by the end, despite all your finer sensibilities, you find yourself rooting for this buffoon of a man as, incredibly, he flat-footedly dodges, not only the Force's finest, but also Oliver Reed's supposedly cold-eyed assassin.
Mike Atherton fell on 41 when he pushed flat-footedly at a ball outside his off stump from Makhaya Ntini and Boucher dived across in front of first slip to pull off a low catch.