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with feet flat on the ground

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unprepared and unable to react quickly

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having broad flat feet that usually turn outward

without reservation

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Then he endured a second operation to lengthen his heel cords so he can finally stand flat-footed.
Prominent in the early stages, he was caught flat-footed when the pace quickened half a mile out but he finished with a real zest.
Mr Phillips said: "The council seemed to have been caught flat-footed by this incident and didn't appear to have a plan in place to deal with it.
He was left flat-footed for the first - a looping header - and then completely mis-kicked when attempting to clear Gary Neville's back-pass.
That was the day we were sucker-punched, flat-footed, after our president spent a month vacationing in Texas instead of heeding intelligence warnings about Osama bin Ladin.
Most women have flat feet, and most shoes are constructed from a high instep mold," explains Joseph, who is also flat-footed.
Nevertheless, a painting like Celebes, from 1921, which is exemplary of Ernst's immediate postwar period, while too weird and formally powerful to be considered derivative, still exists comfortably within the sign-painterly style that cuts an arc from de Chirico through Magritte to Kahlo and, later, Picabia, in all of whose hands this flat-footed idiom was put to telling use.
I was almost flat-footed, my legs looked bent even when standing with my heels pressed into the floor and my muscles flexed rock hard.
7 mph, smooth, stable, flat-footed performance and quick cycle times are taken in stride.
Phil Mitchell -- who had earlier gone close when Belper keeper Steve Cherry palmed behind his long range shot -- scored the goal, his shot catching Cherry flat-footed after it took a deflection.
Insistence on flat-footed categorization by geography is one of the great flaws of the mighty atlas.
The cross was provided by Adam Arkell who scored the second himself after pouncing on a fine through ball from Craig Hutchinson to leave the Bluebirds defence flat-footed.
She was a bit flat-footed when they kicked three out, but David [Kinsella] was always confident he was going to get there.