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Synonyms for flask

Synonyms for flask

the quantity a flask will hold


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Stanley Classic Vacuum Food Flask, John Lewis, PS26.
Hydro Flask is a designer, distributor and marketer of insulated hydration vessels for active lifestyles.
Hydro Flask is a leader in high performance, insulated stainless steel flasks.
Unlike other plastic flasks of this size which are extrusion blow moulded, the TriForest Labware 3L flask uses Sabic's Lexan HP resin which can deliver thicker walls and enhanced optical clarity, enabling real-time sample measurement similar to glass, but with greater durability.
For the end-user, the flask is being marketed for improved productivity during the culture sampling process.
The Power Flask includes two USB outputs, one with 1 amp for phones and smaller devices and one with 2.
However, many metalcasting facilities don't have a procedure for assessing their flask serviceability or dimensional integrity and only review them in extreme situations, such as damage from a run-out, molten metal penetration or flask wall erosion from rust.
Standardisation - using the 1197 fuel transport flasks required specific licensing for each flask movement, and fuel ponds were needed at Chapelcross to load the flasks, with dedicated facilities at Sellafield to receive and process the flasks.
Benedictus examined the flask and found that a film inside the flask had held the glass together after it broke.
The flask was the only item taken during the raid on the farm.
24, a customer contacted a dealer complaining of feeling ill after drinking iced coffee from the flask.
As expected, all the nanotubes in the distilled water rapidly clumped and most settled at the bottom of the flask, whereas in the surfactant solution, some nanotubes dispersed.
It seems that because Madonna and Halle Berry have been seen taking a few discreet sips from their vacuum flask (presumably because they don't trust someone else's coffee, green tea or whatever it is that important celebrities drink), sales have hit the roof.
The flask and mounting bracket which is fixed either to a bench, a wall, or a trolley offers healthcare personnel a safe alternative to conventional scalpel blade removal.
His first question is related to the burning of bodies by radiation reflecting off a flask filled with water.