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a small portable battery-powered electric lamp

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Many units are using this light source instead of a traditional flashlight.
Initially, the trio claimed that they were repairing the car for a friend, but Lenoue told The Olympian newspaper for November 14 that "as soon as I shined the flashlight on them, I knew what was going on.
The pilot looked inside the engine compartment for the flashlight but was unable to locate it.
Unlike incandescent-lamped flashlights, LED flashlights do not change transmission characteristics with use.
99), a utility holster with compartments stacked one on top of the other to hold a mini flashlight and multi-tool which attaches to your belt; Pock-Its ($18.
Further, Eastalloy polymer was a "natural choice" for Rayovac's newest industrial flashlight, in that the company has been using the material successfully in its industrial flashlight lenses for about 10 years.
Since the first hand-held rechargeable flashlight, Streamlight has parlayed its design and manufacturing capabilities into a complete line of flashlights.
Step 3: Now, hold a flashlight at one end of the paper tube.
The flashlight beams may be about the only thing the film will record.
In fact, if you haven't shopped for a flashlight lately, you're in for a surprise.
NASDAQ: SEAC), a leading global multi-screen video software innovator, announced today that it has purchased all assets and intellectual property, including source code, from Flashlight Engineering and Consulting, LLC of Portland, Oregon.
This intrinsically safe LED flashlight is MSHA rated (tested for intrinsic safety in environments with methane-air mixtures only) and supports three beam settings: high, low and flash.
Advances in LED and battery technology in the past few years have turned the flashlight industry on its head--in a very good way.
High-and low-beam options are great and some people like having a strobe as well, but 95 percent of the time I--and everybody else who uses a flashlight--just want a steady beam of light, the brightest the flashlight can give me.
Customers may choose from 72 Elzetta ZFL-M60 flashlight configurations and then make their flashlight unique by having their name, department, badge number, slogan, or other text laser engraved into the body at the factory.