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prized over technical flashiness or grand, temperamental gestures.
so ordN gra arr bra No pretensions, no airs, no graces, no showboating, no arrogance, no flashiness, no bravado.
Such silly flashiness occasionally crops up in the film, like in a dinner scene with Jimmy and Maguire where Collet-Serra can't stop circling them like an over-eager waiter.
We've always done it this way" sidesteps the twin 21st century dangers--show-off and flashiness.
Controversial from the start, the decade-long building project has received a slew of criticism for the height and incongruous flashiness of its structures, but has also become a de facto architectural laboratory for a city in the midst of an extreme makeover.
On the one hand, I can mangle or manhandle my vocabulary without incurring the comic toll such play would inflict on my prose, but the poetic requirement that one be inventive in expression is balanced by a moratorium on flashiness, a moratorium on visible exertion.
XOLO has wisely stuck to the basic Android UI without any unnecessary flashiness gumming up the works.
There's maybe not the flashiness that was there sometimes in the Championship, but we are playing at the next level up again now.
Aged care doesn't have the pzazz or the flashiness of paediatrics or intensive care or emergency nursing.
In short, for all its flashiness, it was far from a perfect weapon.
Great sports seats, all the buttons and flashiness on the fascia for your wildest imaginings.
coli; increased stream flashiness due to urban sprawl and paving, and sediment influx from poor riparian bank management and destabilization have and will continue to pose major threats to stream health.
Sorrentino bring a music-video flashiness to the screenplay, which rummages deep in the arcania of Italian politics.