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(used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value

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Or, as my good friends at Northwest Seafood in Gainesville have trained me to do, you can buy bags of flash-frozen Peruvian squid rings, ready to cook.
The toasts come packed in a freezer-proof box, with 12 fully cooked and flash-frozen toasts inside that have a 9 month shelf life.
Consumers may need to be reminded that fruit and vegetables can now be and often are harvested in season and then flash-frozen, providing the same nutrition as can be found in the produce section, states Anthony Serino, sales manager for Schaumburg, Ill.-based Provita Cuisine.
Both nonbreaded and breaded frozen produce have been a flashpoint - or least a flash-frozen point - of interest recently.
Marine Stewardship Council-certified tuna, which is soured from the western and central Pacific Ocean, is handled with utmost care both before and after being flash-frozen aboard ship at -60[degrees]C to assure maximum flavor and preferred texture upon thawing.
21 May 2012 - Oklahoma City-based Dippina[euro](tm) Dots LLC, a recently-established privately-funded firm, has wrapped up the purchase of flash-frozen ice cream maker Dippina[euro](tm) Dots Inc out of bankruptcy.
Every other week during summer, she and the 17 other subscribers drove, walked or biked to a large, weathered, old waterfront sawmill building, where enthusiastic young men and women dispensed vacuum packages of high quality, flash-frozen fish.
I heard the pickled narwhal with ox veal and flash-frozen pureed lychee is fabulous!"
Mini Melts Ice Cream is produced using a flash-frozen, cryogenic process that produces ice cream at minus 280[degrees]F and then is kept at minus 40[degrees]F until served.
(Chop or slice large fruit such as apples; leave berries and other small fruits whole.) Flash-frozen fruit stored in airtight freezer containers or snap-and-seal type freezer bags makes it easy to pour out the exact amount needed for blueberry muffins or apple pie.
That liquid may have flash-frozen into a hard surface.
According to USDA plant physiologist Gene Lester, vegetables, like Valley Fresh Steamers, that are flash-frozen at the peak of freshness are among the most nutrient-packed vegetables you can buy.
All three flavors contain fruit that is flash-frozen, pure cane sugar and the most fruit and juice content of any shelf-stable cocktail mix, according to American Beverage Marketers.
Plum Organics offers flash-frozen, nutrient-rich organic meals that come in reusable four-ounce cups in varieties like "Super Greens" (peas, spinach and green beans) and "Red Lentil Veggie" (potatoes, carrots, corn and red lentils).