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freeze rapidly so as to preserve the natural juices and flavors


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The treat in question, a crowd pleaser since its 1988 introduction, had billed itself as "The Ice Cream of the Future" because of the unusual flash-freezing process necessary to create it (more on that in a second).
Many vegetables and herbs (including whole corn kernels) can be frozen for up to four weeks by "flash-freezing" or popping them directly into a freezer-safe container or bag.
We assure freshness by flash-freezing the half-baked pizzas and storing them in a freezer overnight before shipping the next day." Retailing at $20 per pop, plus the cost of shipping, three different fillings are available: pepperoni, spinach, and veggie.
The new technology was developed by a major food processor using a patented, flash-freezing process that allows storage of frozen tofu for up to a year.
Birdseye farmers use a flash-freezing technique that locks in flavor, texture and nutrition and ensures a long shelf-life without preservatives within hours of harvest.
According to the farmers at Birds Eye, using a flash-freezing technique locks in flavor, texture and nutrition, and ensures a long shelf life.
New technologies, like flash-freezing, trap nutrients and phytochemicals immediately after harvest while fruits are at their peak.
CHA, associated with a South Korean hospital, said its "flash-freezing" technique, called vitrification, is twice as likely to result in a successful pregnancy as the conventional method of slow freezing.
However, it is my understanding that the nature of flash-freezing specimens requires the use of volatile agents that are extremely hazardous to handle and stock.
The cost is minimal and they hold food at about -34 [degrees] F--far better for quality retention than a home freezer's best of 0 [degrees] F Those low temps are also better for flash-freezing home-butchered and wrapped red meats that you harvest from the wild, raise and age yourself or buy in bulk.
Recent experiments, however, show that flash-freezing to liquid-nitrogen temperatures lessens dramatically the damage inflicted by X rays, opening the way for developing nanotomography.
Midland Fertility Services, based in Aldridge, will be the first in the West Midlands to offer egg vitrification, which uses the latest 'flash-freezing' method.
A computer-controlled vending machine that makes ice cream on demand from room temperature ingredients, flash-freezing it in 10 seconds, was unveiled last year at Demo technology show in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
After the company's reputation for unique corn products spread in the early 1900s, it expanded into canning in the 1930s, flash-freezing in 1981, and recently into a line of frozen organic vegetables including Sweet & Silver Corn, Summer Harvest Corn, Farmstand Green Beans, and Spring Garden Peas.
Not only does flash-freezing make a better product, but rigid industry standards ensure that consumers get consistent quality, no matter which package they choose or what time of year they buy.