flare up

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Synonyms for flare up

ignite quickly and suddenly, especially after having died down

erupt or intensify suddenly

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Speaking at a virology conference in London, Jim Scudamore warned that despite the recent allclear following the world's largest ever outbreak, the disease could easily flare up again.
The 24 listed stars are all considered "normal," like our sun, except they may flare up vigorously perhaps every 100 or 1,000 years.
Many endodontists considered multi-visits approach ensure symptom free period prior to obturation.10 Studies showing the occurrence of pain were not higher in patients who treated in single visit versus those treated in multi-visit appointments.10,11 Whereas Incidence of flare up higher in single visit over multi-visit root canal treatment.12
UGLY: Police and nationalist protesters clash FLARE UP: A Union flag is burned by Nationalist protesters in the Ardoyne Road area of Belfast
As in this study and the studies of Pickenpaugh and Walton, the overall incidence of flare-up was very low.22,23 On the other hand, the studies of Mata, Frust and Morse the overall incidence of flare up was really high.1,17 They recorded the incidence of flare-up to be 20-24% in root therapy patients having asymptomatic necrotic teeth.