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throw violently


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To close the pack, one simply removes the adhesive tape and presses the flap down.
Fold the side UP and the triangle flap down and repeat on the other side.
The rear seats flap down into a flat-bed storage with two pull handles.
The windows in the yellow American bus open up and flap down.
I did the same with the DeSantis holster in both modes, flap down and flap folded to the rear.
These days, only rarely does Leonard offer such glimpses of the past, when as a major-league outfielder for 14 years he intimidated opponents and non-combatants alike, his notoriety peaking with his four home runs and One Flap Down showboating for the San Francisco Giants against the St.
Having played, and the Hac Man mystique, and the One Flap Down, and having baseball cards, that opens the door to a lot of these guys.
It is incorporated in all of Pioneer's car stereos including standard detachable face, flap down detachable face and motorized detachable face.
Fold the steering wheel flap down and the other flap up to serve as a seat back.
If you do not consume the contents in one go, just push the tray into the pack again, remove the adhesive tape and press the flap down.
Just about every seat bar the driver's will flap down, fold up or simply pull out to cope with whatever wacky pastime your family is into.
I do remember how heavy it was jammed so full of textbooks (we had those then - all hardbacks too) - I never managed to bend the flap down, so biking three miles to school on a wet day I had the extra burden of water-logged contents to balance on my handlebars.