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in a fancy colorful manner

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music Johann Strauss Gala Quintessentially Viennese, the music comes straight from the heart as dancers flamboyantly whirl with billowing gowns and distinctive elegance.
For example, as a member of the Indian diaspora, I feel proud to see my country's ethos being depicted flamboyantly in UAE.
Racing back then was obviously less flamboyantly broadcast and probably did not really have to move with the times to survive as it has to now.
intellig pr alrea m begu flamboyantly " He had already grown his iconic moustache and had begun dressing flamboyantly.
The Turkish restaurateur is currently enjoying his 15 minutes of fame after videos of him flamboyantly butchering and seasoningmeat went viral.
After more than five years on and off the market, with asking prices that soared as unrealistically high as $12.5 million, veteran entertainment-industry powerbroker Chris McGurk has sold a flamboyantly contemporary beachfront home in Malibu for a smidgen under $6.95 million.
THE lads will be disrobing flamboyantly again as the latest tour of The Full Monty prepares to hit the road in September.
She helps him unearth the dark plans of SPECTRE and its lethal leader Franz Oberhauser (Waltz) who may not be as flamboyantly evil as Javier Bardem's Silva in Skyfall, but brims with louche intent.
She helps him unearth the dark plans of Spectre and their lethal leader Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), who while not as flamboyantly evil as Javier Bardem's Silva in Skyfall, does at least brim with louche intent.
Sonja Madzovska says in Utrinski vesnik that while a week ago newspaper headlines flamboyantly said Russians would drink Macedonia's milk, a few days ago we learned that as far as exporting meat is concerned things would not go as smoothly.
The ad opens with a flamboyantly dressed Fahad Mustafa.
After procuring the exclusive rights to the script from Liebkindwhich they earn by swearing their eternal allegiance to Hitlerthey convince the flamboyantly gay and notoriously lousy director Roger de Bris to sign on to the production, with permission to make Springtime for Hitler "just as gay as anyone could possibly want." But though Max and Leo are sure Roger's antics will offend audiences and force their show to close immediately, camping up Hitler backfires.
The flamboyantly delicate, expressive illustrations convey the truth which is, Sideswiping Slim is a new baby sibling, beloved of the parents of Rodeo Red, the Sheriff and her Deputy.
SWICA Carnival's own flamboyantly costumed Carnival Crew will perform Brazilian drum and dance to kick things off on The Hayes at 10.30am.
"Saif may look like he's shooting bullets fashionably and flamboyantly, but he is a fierce ideologue in 'Bullett Raja'.