flamboyant tree

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tropical shrub or small tree having showy yellow to orange-red flowers

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It is already dark outside and the vivid colours of the Flamboyant tree warm the room like a glowing hearth.
We also saw a flamboyant tree of magnificent red blooms and very long seed pods which local people dry out and use as percussion instruments.
Perfume-scented flowers add bright splashes of colour, such as the dainty golden drops cascading along the hedgerows or vibrant scarlet-red flamboyant trees, the island's natural Christmas decorations.
In 2008 large numbers of leaf hoppers were reported to be "killing" flamboyant trees Delonix regia in Durban (Cole 2008).
It consists of 75 pastel cottages scattered amidst coconut groves, flamboyant trees, and bougainvillea and hibiscus that separate the ocean and the lagoon.
The turquoise bay ringed by ruins of a 19th century plantation and crimson-flowered flamboyant trees is everything the tourist brochures promise -- tranquil waters, pristine beaches, good food, exotic local culture.
The flamboyant trees that line this traffic bound thoroughfare are filled with monkeys and crows and the sky above with kites.