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Synonyms for flamboyant

Synonyms for flamboyant

elaborately and heavily ornamented

marked by outward, often extravagant display

Synonyms for flamboyant

marked by ostentation but often tasteless

elaborately or excessively ornamented

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Taboo is billed as a musical which "resurrects the decadent nightlife, flamboyant fashions and notorious excesses" of a brief but remarkable era of 1980s London.
Outside of the ring, Johnson was more flamboyant than any of today's boxers could hope to be.
In another essay, Jurgen Wiener explores the diverse application of flamboyant architectural elements in Italy.
Intense competition for power and status among established citizens and new men produced a flamboyant funerary style during the fourteenth century, when the entire polity was engaged in demonstrating communal strength.
A complex, flamboyant Pan-Africanist, Garvey was a fiery orator, attracting 2 million to 4 million followers and sympathizers to his movement at its peak in 1922.
Interestingly, sober ads like those for MCI, AT&T, and IBM were rarely mentioned by the high-schoolers, while flamboyant Joe Isuzu was the most popular.
Known for her sometimes flamboyant and often avant-garde fashion sense, Lady Gaga surprised some of her fans, and some gamers, after the pop star and actress revealed she spends her days off playing the video game 'Bayonetta.'
You will jet off with British Airways for a seven-night holiday at the beachfront Flamboyant Hotel.
Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, tipped to succeed Dr Williams, was altogether more flamboyant, laughing and joking with the Duke of Edinburgh before the Queen arrived to share their mirth.
Summary: Muammar Gaddafi, shot dead in Libya on Thursday, will be remembered for his flamboyant lifestyle as much as his brutal leadership.
The pictures show that the pair have lost none of their flamboyant taste in clothes - and spiky hairstyles - in the last four decades.
Dressed in one of his trademark flamboyant suits, which are as colourful as his language, Jonathan is clearly in his element.
Peter's, the sheer brilliance of the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain and flamboyant Baroque buildings - the list is endless.
A MAN who splashed his own mum's money on a flamboyant lifestyle has been jailed for a year.