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pour liquor over and ignite (a dish)

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"I've looked for another dedicated flambe chef in the area and haven't been able to find one.
The lobster flambe, essentially sauteed and five, highly seasoned chunks of lobster tail, was exquisite.
welshnews@dailypost.co.uk GARY'S TOFFOC FLAMBE BANANAS INGREDIENTS 2 Bananas 50g Butter 50g Brown Sugar Toffoc (about 50mls) METHOD Slice the banana lengthwise.
Boosted by the extra alcohol, the flambe chorizo dish erupted in a "ball of fire" which spread over her table.
Wonderfully illustrated throughout with finished dishes, the recipes comprising "Brothers In The Kitchen" range from Tri-Color Salad; to New Orleans Style Gumbo; to Roast Sirloin Encrusted in English Mustard; to Jumbo Prawns Flambe with Pernod; to Spinach with Swiss Cheese Sauce; to Mint Chocolate Delight.
"We usually cruise for birthdays and anniversaries," offered Kathy as we ordered smoothies, "we were told Summit had a mature crowd; so far we're in the whirlpools most of the day." That evening we dined in the plush, art deco Normandie, which is distinguished for its decoupage, flambe tableside service and dine-in wine cellar featuring 175 fine vintages.
Karimov's regime, notes the Times of London, is constantly seeking to refine that satanic science, "formulating new ways to poach, grill, tenderize, smoke, and flambe his citizens to death." During Karimov's visit to Washington last March, White House spokesman Scott McClellan tacitly admitted that Uzbekistan is one of the regimes to which the Bush administration has outsourced interrogation of terrorist suspects.
joie de flambe, as possessed (perhaps) by girls who strap
* Blackberry Crepe Flambe, with vanilla scented goat cheese and grand marnier sabayon, paired with Immort Ale, a strong ale brewed with organic juniper berry, vanilla, and maple syrup.
Main Courses Steak Diane Tenderised sirloin steak, flash-fried and served flambe (in flaming brandy) with shallots and mushrooms.
The other courses are spiced beef and pork wrapped in shiso leaves and grilled, served with lettuce wraps and cilantro; crispy egg crepe with sesame marinated vegetable slaw; sweet and spicy shrimp soup with tamarind and bamboo shoots; and hazelnut fried bananas flambe for dessert.
If Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man was one paradigm for Ligon before, the more salient figure now might be the nameless protagonist of Ellison's late story "Cadillac Flambe," who made a ritual holocaust of his beloved car as a symbolic revolt against indignity.
The first man who adds venison flambe to the traditional mashed potatoes, cauliflower, and creamed corn (from 20 year old cans now devoid of labels) will win the coveted "camper of the year" award.
That night I told the story to my pals at the festival's Gay Flambe party and suffered the reactions to my behavior: Too little!