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Synonyms for flakiness

informal terms for insanity

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having or breaking into thin crisp flakes

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RA properties can be evaluated by some experimental indices, which include property density, water absorption, needle and flakiness content, and crushing value [12-14].
Flakiness index should be kept below 25% for better strength and durability, increasing in flakiness with decreasing in flow gives poor interlocking [7].
The main geometric parameters of the aggregate used for asphalt mixtures are determined by the indexes of its particle size distribution and relative amount of oblong particles (flakiness FI and shape SI indexes).
However, cleansing your skin too frequently or using harsh cleansers can dry out your skin, causing flakiness which can clog pores.
Flakiness and Elongation Index: Flakiness and Elongation Index values of aggregates studied were determined as per British Standard (BS 812).
3 ASTON Villa exposed Liverpool's flaws and the flakiness of their challenge for a top-four place by inflicting the Reds' worst home defeat for more than three years.
According to the company, Bio-Oil prevents and minimizes scars and stretch marks, evens skin tone, nourishes aging skin and lubricates skin suffering from dryness and flakiness.
Common side effects such as swelling and redness last a week, while flakiness, as the old skin peels off, lasts up to 10 days or longer depending on the depth of the treatment.
Clinical ratings confirm the outstanding efficiency of Pentavitin, which delivers more than 50% improvement in skin smoothness and softness and more than 50% reduction in flakiness and itchiness after only two weeks of application.
The dough is chewy with a touch of flakiness. The kasha knish is the deli's most popular.
His green asparagus salad with carrot sauce and mustard cress is a picture of simplicity, yet it leaves its imprint on your palate -- I was impressed by how the crunchy flakiness of the Maldon sea salt added to it balanced the taste- neutral peeled fresh asparagus.
He opens up against local hero Brendan Dolan - who he whitewashed last year - and the quarter in which he's housed isn't the stickiest, especially given Gary Anderson's flakiness on doubles under pressure.
48 layers of dough are required to ensure the product has the correct flakiness to make it authentic.
These ingredients help improve hydration and prevent water loss, while protecting your skin against environmental stress, flakiness, dryness, discoloration and puffiness in the eye area.
Sajid Mahmood has a reputation for flakiness and inaccuracy, while Graham Onions has been out of the pecking order for a while.