flake off

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come off in flakes or thin small pieces

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"It won't flake off like other coatings do, giving our customers less downtime and better die cuts."
(Thousand Oaks CA) and Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick NJ) have recalled certain lots of the anemia drugs Epogen and Procrit that may be contaminated with glass shards that flake off vials into the medicines.
In some cases, the deposit does not completely flake off the surface, but instead, pulls away from the hole wall.
"He chipped a little flake off one of his hocks last season, and there was no point in hurrying him back.
However, after years of use, the chrome finish can flake off. Don't use a socket if the chrome is peeling.
The washing tank is a long drum with a central shaft, friction-generating paddles, and an auger that pulls PET flake off the bottom.
Putting CLP on CARC paint causes the paint to flake off and makes it easier for enemy radar to detect you.
Cold weather tends to strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier and cause the top layer to dry and flake off. And it's during the early winter months when you'll notice a drop in humidity and a difference in your skin.
A line of plus and equal signs across one of the ink-soaked pieces of paper looks like a rendering of the stations of the cross, lending the work instant gravitas (Untitled, 1992), but the marks are made in correction tape, which has begun to flake off. This impermanence nods to a subtly feminine language, one Nogueira shares with other female artists whose drawings explore that strange space where the mundane morphs into the unreal.
Small particles of sealcoat flake off as they are abraded by vehicle tires and can wash into urban streams with rain and runoff.
The genetic condition happens because dry skin doesn't flake off like it should.
This ensures that the lubricant will not drip or flake off rails or chains during production, thus avoiding potential Food contamination as well as eliminating the serious health and safety risk to personnel through slips and falls.