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Synonyms for flak

Synonyms for flak

a slick spokesperson who can turn any criticism to the advantage of their employer

intense adverse criticism

artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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Pulis has laughed off suggestions of a personal bodyguard for his defender, but he said: "People have to take flak at times, and if Ryan does, then so be it."
The term "flak" house is gallows humor, with the term "flak" being slang for German anti-aircraft fire.
Karman Carermencite, one of the staff at the Flik Flak zone explained, C[pounds sterling]As well as developing very trendy watches in a childrenCOs world where princesses rub shoulders with pirates and explorers, the Flik Flak brand has also developed a method of teaching children to tell the time, which is what we are here to share with the little guests to our zone.
"Currently on the pistol range, everyone holds the weapon in their hand at the alert until the targets pop up, no one wears helmets or flak jackets, and the only position used is the standing."
'We took a lot of flak, especially from the media, and we have to accept it.
"To sort of borrow a phrase from President Clinton," Fein says laughing, "it depends upon what the meaning of the word 'flak' is."
"But you don't become a Premiership manager unless you're prepared to take flak.
I know it's said that there's no such thing as a certainty in racing but for those three years between 2000 and 2002, to my eyes, Flak Jacket was just that.
The Swedish energy group Vattenfall said on Thursday (29 June) that the Swedish government has approved its plans to establish a large offshore wind farm at the Kriegers Flak shallow-water area in the southern Baltic Sea.
Like his counterpart Chris Bangle, David Robb has taken some Flak during his 13-year tenure as the design boss for BMW's motorcycle business.
By comparison, the "flak vest" of Vietnam came in at about 25 pounds, and the original flak vest worn by airmen during World War II weighed around 40 pounds, Air Force Museum officials said.
First thought at briefing, "What a hell of a route." We went all over the north of Germany and as soon as we entered, we had flak and searchlights to contend with--all the way to target.
The very first entry reads, "A painting should present itself as a thing becoming, rather than as having an already established existence--should present itself through a quality of becoming--"This may sound like AbEx flak, but Stout never abandoned the imperative behind the sentiment.
But the plan has caught flak from-some disgruntled alumni.
Danny grewcock last night defended himself from the inevitable flak he will face following yet another high-profile brush with authority.