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Synonyms for flagpole

surveying instrument consisting of a straight rod painted in bands of alternate red and white each one foot wide

a tall staff or pole on which a flag is raised


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Bill revealedAt the start, it was not even known how much Slovak taxpayers would have to pay for Danko's wish to have a new and taller flagpole.Later, it surfaced that the construction would cost Pound 58,000, as reported by the Sme daily.
The students recommended the flagpole in May 2018, and patiently followed the process until its installation in July 2019.
According to preliminary reports, on July 22 at around 5.00 pm natives of the Tajik village decided to put up a flagpole in Tort area of the Aksai-Vorukh road.
The 100 feet high flagpole is the highlight of this new complex and is the highest in the entire Bastar division.
Apparently, the rope had been loosely hanging from the flagpole when the child had begun playing with it and got herself tangled.
Dover House has two flagpoles which usually fly the Saltire and the Union flag.
The circular metal bit atop the flagpole should be white and must be proportionate to the size of the flagpole.
Ten months after he chained himself to a flagpole at the Capitol, a native of Tudela town on Camotes Island, western Cebu chained himself again, this time to a flagpole at Qimonda IT Center on Friday noon.
In the morning president gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov arrived at the festively decorated square located in a picturesque part in the south of ashgabat where the majestic 133-metre flagpole - one of the tallest flagpoles in the world on which the flag of Turkmenistan flies is installed.
Damascus countryside, SANA- On the New Year Day, Damascus countryside governorate raised Thursday a 37 m- height flagpole at the hills of al-Saboura town in Damascus western entrance.
The giant Saudi flag proudly flutters atop the world's tallest flagpole in this picture taken on Oct.
AT THE end of last year, I wrote to The Gazette bemoaning the fact that Saltburn's iconic Victorian Zetland Hotel had lost the proud flagpole which had graced the summit of its grand tower for well over a century (Feedback, 21.12.13).
The 170m-high flagpole in Jeddah, named The Bride of the Red Sea, sits on the intersection of Andalus Road and King Abdullah Road, and flies a 570kg Saudi flag measuring 49.5m in length and 33m in width.
ISLAMABAD -- In 20 days, the largest Saudi flag will be raised over Jeddah at an altitude of 170 meters, the flagpole, which will be based at the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Square in Al-Andaluse Street, will be the tallest in the world.