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Synonyms for flagellation

Synonyms for flagellation

beating as a source of erotic or religious stimulation

beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment

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Take for example the Jama Masjid in Agra which was con- ASI maintaining sites under Waqf control A section of Shia leaders have now opposed the demand for the Taj Mahal being handed over to the UP Central Sunni Waqf Board while demanding for a permission to carry out self- flagellation on Muharram.
Public flagellation, crucifixion, and the like are no longer practiced, but the dramatization of the Passion events, especially the meeting of Jesus and Mary, provide the basis for understanding the Penitentes and their spirituality.
Niklaus Largier develops a model of flagellation as an ecstatic corporeality based in renuciation and mimesis by slowly and methodically basing flagellation in medieval religious practice.
It is a book of encyclopedic scope, bringing under its purview not only the wealth of early Christian and medieval ascetic and mystical devotional literature in which flagellation occupies center stage, but also the polemics that early modernity's Reformation movements in Europe bring to bear on these practices, including their "de-mystification" into "mere" erotics; flagellation's polemical recuperation as anti-rational imaginative arousal in libertine philosophical writings; modernity's discursive capture of flagellation within medical-psychological categories of perversion, pathology, and sexuality; and, finally, the persistence of flagellation's transfigurative potential in decadentist writing and postmodern artistic practice.
Electronic leashes are contributing in no small way to that most modern and self-inflicted form of flagellation, unending stress.
For the specificity of Penitente worship Carroll analyzes the practice of flagellation, and for the brotherhood's organization he remarks on the prominence of patriarchal morada authority.
"He takes his flagellation very seriously, and he is in an enormous amount of pain.
Ms Kelly, who's just been appointed Secretary of State for Communities, is a practising member of the wacky cult Opus Dei, which not only preaches self flagellation but that homosexuality is a sin.
Even if this administrator reveres stereotypical "master" teachers who exact conformity through shrill denunciations, hair pulling, exorcisms and wanton acts of wet-noodle flagellation?
For instance, the Naples Flagellation of Christ contradicts the belief that Caravaggio cultivated a consistent 'late style'.
Lately, some of the national media have turned on their own for some media bashing and some have even engaged in self flagellation. The New York Times had the Jayson Blair scandal, the Detroit Free Press found out that popular columnist and book author Mitch Albom had written ahead of time about players attending a basketball game, which they ended up not going to, and more recently Newsweek has been put to task for publishing unsubstantiated allegations of Koran abuse.
Almost as distressing to me as the result in those cases has been the reaction of certain Christian organizations; at each successive judicial defeat, some Christian voice is sure to be raised pronouncing it a victory; at each successive humiliation, the cry goes up for more litigation, as though Christians were masochists whose appetite for judicial flagellation and abuse cannot be sated.
At the start of his career, around 1932-33, William Baziotes made a drawing that, in light of the gentle, haunting, lyrical works for which he later became known, one would never associate with him: a rather expressionistic flagellation scene.
Permits are required for flagellation, keep your messianic woes to yourself.
Atalanta was followed in 1866 by the first series of Poems and Ballads, which clearly display Swinburne's preoccupation with masochism, flagellation, and paganism.