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Other cutaneous effects in our study such as erythema multiforme, lichenoid eruption, acneiform eruption, photosensitivity, and less frequent ones such as vasculitis, flagellate pigmentation, bullous eruption, and peeling of palms and soles, were also seen, as noticed in previous studies.
Crystal might not like flagellating herself, but perhaps someone else should flagellate her for trying to offer protection to her predecessor by claiming foreign hacks were lying.
Key words: rapid culture monophasic medium strain F Cc-1 L4NHS blood flagellates fish
Wood particles take about 24 hours to pass through lower termite gut (Breznak, 1982), most of that time being digested in food vacuoles of hindgut flagellate protozoa.
Elegant and the elephant - that's what we are" Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe compares herself with her Strictly Come Dancing partner Anton de Beke The Labour Party has had enough soap operas within families to last us a lifetime, so I don't think that Yvette and I will be providing Act Two" Labour MP Ed Balls, below, on the decision not to appoint either himself or his wife Yvette Cooper as Shadow Chancellor As long as the cheques come in - flagellate me, beat me, whip me Lovejoy actor Ian McShane David Miliband's attitude annoys me.
of New York, US), and Rao (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada) present 21 papers discussing state-of-the-art research in selected topics concerning the unicellular green flagellate of the genus Dunaliella, which is studied as a model for osmoregulation, pigment production, and for commercial mass cultures because of its unique features of extremophilia and pigment change.
Nine phytoplankton species, Chaetoceros calcitrans, Skeletonema costatum, Thalassiosira sp., Akashiwo sanguineum, Alexandrium minutum, Gymnodinium catenatum, Eutreptiella sp., Isochrysis galbana, Pyramimonas sp., belonged to diatom, flagellate and dinoflagellate, were cultured at the NIWA aquaculture laboratory at Mahanga Bay.
In a final flight of fancy, at the end of the book Holden fantasises on various eccentrics meeting each other across the generations and plumps for his favourite: a mythical meeting between Percy Grainger, the self-confessed flagellate and Lola Montez of whip wielding fame!
The purpose of this study was to determine what types of damage result from gamma-irradiation in the parasitic flagellate, Giardia lamblia.