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Do all these flag-wavers agree with the Royals' support of bloodsports?
It's not a condition that many seem to want to embrace, certainly not amongst the flag-wavers and tub-thumpers in Ottawa.
Politicians are petrified to oppose this nine-year war lest they be accused of being anti-patriotic, the kiss of death in hyper-patriotic America where flag-wavers root for foreign wars so long as their kids don't have to serve and they don't have to pay taxes to finance them.
And supporting our women cricketers is certainly a better use of frustrated patriotic feeling than desperately hoping Howard Webb and his trusty pair of flag-wavers get to officiate in the World Cup final.
The Sbandieratori, or flag-wavers, stem from an ancient tradition of chivalry and communal pride.
The truth never suits Israel's flag-wavers and stooges.
(From left) a reveller all in green, sisters Marita and Carmel Hegerty, and Mary Jacques takes the taxi; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-30; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-14; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-54; Whether travelling by scooter, foot or tractor, all members of the St Patrick's Day parade had fun in the sun.; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-41; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-59; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-43; (From left) Flag-wavers join in the fun and Lauren McGrath, Laura Hubbard and Lynsey McManus get in the party spirit.; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-31; Photo ref.: JP150309Pat-25; Members of the Tom Pullen Memorial Band join the fun.
The confused flag-wavers first blamed a disgruntled ex-activist for the leak, but now say it's all probably Labour's fault.
Muhammad Ali lit the torch for the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympic Games, and there were dancers, performance artists and flag-wavers, but the best part of all is that Marois' family was there to share it with her.
I don't miss the flag-wavers. But while my brain appreciates the aesthetic quality of it all, my heart is elsewhere - not with the FA or Premier League as they stand now, but where they should be, on fertile fields of football glory.
"When we started doing this show, we were accused of being xenophobic flag-wavers," says Ratzenberger.
flag-wavers Pakistanis celebrate their country's independence from Britain in 1947 CLOSE to 100 people of all faiths helped to celebrate Pakistan's independence in Huddersfield.
It was a stunt organised by rural communities pressure group Cymuned directed at England flag-wavers before the England-Ecuador World Cup game.
Walsh starred in Lean's wartime flag-wavers "In Which We Serve" and "This Happy Breed"--both scripted by Noel Coward--before playing doomed, kindhearted Nancy in Lean's 1948 adaptation of Dickens' "Oliver Twist."