flag waving

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an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions


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In this essay, we argue that flag waving constitutes a visual argument about cultural citizenship that is interpreted differently by different audiences.
All organized sports promote flag waving, racist enthusiasm, the idolization of sports heroes and the excessive money they are paid.
He added: 'There's no doubt about it that this can be the precursor to behaviour which is much worse than flag waving - it's violence, it's racism, it's hooliganism of the very worse kind.'
Of course, I'm sure there's a whole camp of people who probably hate us for bringing up race and gender or for being critical of US foreign policy during the "War on Terror" or for challenging nationalism at a time when flag waving fascists have taken over the center of debate.
Perhaps he wants to convince voters that by flag waving he will distract them from being too concerned how he spends their hard-earned money, or maybe as a Scots born MP representing a Scottish constituency, he wants them not to dwell too much on his nationality.
Each day, the previous day's winner had its flag waving atop the Space Needle.
PATRIOT GAMES: Andy Murray in flag waving mood to promote the Aberdeen Cup
These practitioners of what one political operative calls "the dark arts" work somewhat furtively, far from the flag waving, and from the candidate.
With mass participation now made possible by the railroad, the monarchs increasingly organized state festivities that involved processions, public cheering, and flag waving. In sponsoring historical societies--in theory independent representatives of public opinion, but in practice financially dependent on the states--the states controlled a popular mouthpiece that advanced their particularist agendas and bolstered the legitimacy of their dynasties.
There's a place for flag waving, but we're not the guys to do it.
They were certainly two flag waving days to remember.
My husband and I have found ourselves mildly uncomfortable with all the flag waving. It's not that we don't feel there has been a grievous offense to the U.S., but it's not just against the U.S.
About this time I should be saying something cute and clever that would tie all this human-relations flag waving to jazz, since that's a focus of the August issues, but no.
''There is a gap between the technologies of China and those of the United States and Russia (and therefore) it will take some time before we see the Chinese flag waving on the moon,'' he said.
In a speech at the opening of a congressional session, Menem said: "Today we can almost see the Argentine flag waving over the territory of the islands."