flag of truce

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flag consisting of a piece of white cloth that is hoisted to signal surrender or to ask for a truce


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The last to die were nine German sailors shot dead and a further 16 wounded by the Royal Navy under a flag of truce in June 1919 as the Kaiser's fleet was scuttled in Scapa Flow.
The Modocs, remembering that they were once betrayed and attacked under a false flag of truce, responded in kind, only to find that it made their situation immeasurably worse.
Eventually, even the most ambitious carers are ready to raise a flag of truce, switch on the TV and let them watch what they like.
Hale, scouting in Montana for General John Gibbon (who is on his way to link up with Custer), is on the run from that same army for killing a Lakota warrior carrying a flag of truce. Such is his luck that he mistakes Ink for a stalking enemy and wounds her.
During the fight interpreter McKay was sent with a flag of truce. As he advanced he was fired upon by the Indians.
She was evicted by the Rebels and arrived in Quebec under a flag of truce in 1781 along with her younger children, her sister-in-law, Eve Defoe Katzebach, and assorted relatives including two small granddaughters, the children of her dead son, George.
On November 1, Indian troops entered these two states under a flag of truce. To cut to the chase, a referendum was carried out in Junagadh subsequently which resulted in an overwhelming vote in India's favour.
Two Taliban fighters, one carrying a white flag of truce tied to a long, crooked stick, lead Bergdahl, now wearing a gray shawl and carrying a plastic bag, halfway toward the chopper.
A New York City phrenologist once examined the detached skull of the great leader and diplomat Mangas Coloradas after he was murdered under a flag of truce. With history like that, one might loathe the desecration of cultural icons, undeserved or just, literal or metaphorical.
As a result, on 1 July 1873, Kietpoos and five other Modoc warriors stood trial for the war crime of violating a flag of truce by committing murder during a suspension of hostilities.
"A German officer under a flag of truce met with an executive officer of our battalion, who accepted the offer.
It has come to the attention of Larry Sinclair.org Web Site via sources inside Libya that the Qaddafi convoy was traveling under a White Flag of truce which sources say had been negotiated with Qaddafi.
Expecting Brock to be at his headquarters in Amherstburg, Hull sent a boat across the river under a flag of truce, proposing a ceasefire of one hour to open negotiations for the surrender of Detroit.
Perhaps Kevin would like to leave his mobile phone number with the police and the next time he could volunteer to enter the building under a white flag of truce and disarm the gunman himself and remove the risk of firearms involvement.
White also is associated with nonviolence, as in the white dove and the white flag of truce (or surrender).
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