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Synonyms for flack

a slick spokesperson who can turn any criticism to the advantage of their employer

intense adverse criticism

artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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One joked: "Did anyone else have a sudden craving for Calpol when they saw Caroline Flack's dress?"
Caroline Flack tells off Anton after his gross confession on Love Island Aftersun
Rosenthal and Flacks argue that music has been, and continues to be, a formidable weapon for social movements, even while it can be at times, unpredictable and inaccurate.
But reporters and editors who now feel smug about having a Web site that validates their frustration with spin doctors had better be ready to take cover: The company is considering more games, including one dubbed "Whack-a-Hack," in which flacks return the favor against arrogant reporters who blow off PR phone calls and press releases.
The Web provides a whole new medium for these industry flacks to spread their misinformation.
Sixty percent of Hoagland's coverage in the district originated from his own flacks and his own "reaction quotes" to the issues of the day.
Readers will find an inside view into how these flacks have distorted debate on such issues as nuclear-waste disposal, BGH, animal rights, national health care, NAFTA, and smoking.
"When the corporate status quo is threatened by |the rest of us' (seeking better working conditions, national health care, fair prices for farmers, safe food, freedom from toxic pollution, and social justice), the PR flacks, lobbyists, and trade associations mobilize to crush or co-opt the outnumbered, outgunned reformers," Stauber writes.
Caroline Flack is determined to turn this April Fool into an April Drool as she stripped naked to the delight of her fans.
Caroline Flack has unveiled the intimate and permanent tribute she's made for fianceAndrew Brady, as their whirlwind romance heats up and hurtles down towards the wedding aisle.