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Synonyms for flack

a slick spokesperson who can turn any criticism to the advantage of their employer

intense adverse criticism

artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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"Our victory in the face of doubt, threats, conspiracies and humiliations served to create an extraordinary corporate spirit at Canal and laid the foundations for a team spirit which still exists today," Lescure says, lapsing into the airy flackery typical of more mundane corporate memoirs.
The Stuart and Bourbon restorations didn't work out (both houses were chased out again) because the new rulers shared family failings--and because restoration is one of the purest forms of reaction, however camouflaged by witty courtiers or compassionate-conservative flackery. I would further argue that in a republic like the United States, a restoration poses a critical danger to democracy itself.
Such an unexpected quickening-which put many highly placed editors and reporters at risk-is of immense importance not only for those of us in LA dependent on the Times for news but for all who hope for a future journalism that is more than flackery.
"We believe action speaks louder than words," reads the flackery on the company web site, "and when our work speaks for itself, we don't interrupt."
Try to make the case to Pete and Penny Peoria that George Will's praise for Bob Dole is credible analysis and not flagrant flackery. Go ahead.
Aside from chronicling all this double-dealing, and the rationalizing that goes along with it, the novel's other strength lies in its devilishly observed details -- from classifying every link in the music flackery food chain to explaining just exactly how a young man goes from wearing thrift-shop surplus to Prada.