flaccid paralysis

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weakness or loss of muscle tone resulting from injury or disease of the nerves innervating the muscles

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Most isolates have been associated with respiratory syndromes, but the isolate from the Republic of Congo was associated with fatal acute flaccid paralysis.
Acute flaccid paralysis is one of the most obvious symptoms of polio and is characterised by weakness or paralysis.
On Thursday, the WHO said at least 22 people in Syria, mostly children, had acute flaccid paralysis, a symptom of many diseases, including polio.
Most of those stricken with acute flaccid paralysis, a symptom of diseases including polio, in Deir al-Zor province are children under the age of two, WHO Spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer said.
Most of those stricken with acute flaccid paralysis -- a symptom of diseases including polio -- in the eastern province of Deir El-Zor are children under the age of two, WHO spokesman Oliver Rosenbauer said.
The UN body said initial test results from a cluster of cases of acute flaccid paralysis in the Eastern province of Deir al-Zor in early October had come back positive for the crippling disease, Reuters reported Saturday.
Comparison of major symptoms and signs of scorpionism, latrodectism and neurotoxic cobra bite Symptoms and signs of Scorpionism Latrodectism Neurotoxic envenomation cobra bite Local symptoms and (+) + ++ signs Degree of local physical ++++ + ++ signs (bite or stingsite) Local pain + +++ + Regional lymph nodes, pain and swelling Systemic symptoms and ++(+) ++++ - signs Generalised muscular +(+) +++ - pain Muscle tone: ++++ + - extremities, abdomen and chest Paraesthesia, ++++ - +++ hyperaesthesia Dysphagia, dysarthria, ++++ ++ + Involuntary movements, ++++ * ++ - tremor, fasciculations Hyperactivity, +++ ++ - restlessness Stretch reflexes - - ++++ Flaccid paralysis +++ * - ++++ Difficulty in breathing, (+) - ++++ requiring vent.
Thiruvananthapuram India may have eradicated polio by administrating oral vaccine but the drug has alarmingly pushed up incidents of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis, popularly known as AFP, according to the April-June issue of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics.
In some cases, it causes a more serious and sometimes fatal neuroinvasive disease--aseptic meningitis, encephalitis, or acute flaccid paralysis.
Aseptic meningitis was diagnosed in 63 of the cases; encephalitis in 33, acute flaccid paralysis in three, and three subjects had encephalitis with cardiorespiratory failure.
The neurological spectrum of West Nile virus (WNV) varies from aseptic meningitis to encephalitis [+ or -] flaccid paralysis.
Discussing the issue of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) and Polio during a workshop at Baqai Institute of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitative Medicine on Friday they also suggested a close coordination among parents, general physicians and officials of health department.
In November 2009, a 55-year-old Michigan man was hospitalized with labored breathing and muscle weakness that rapidly progressed to flaccid paralysis, then death.
He also stressed on the necessity of promoting international cooperation in detecting Acute Flaccid Paralysis in children and exchanging the latest researches on this disease.
Meanwhile, the USAID said it supported the Acute Flaccid Paralysis Polio Surveillance Network in Afghanistan, a monitoring system, through WHO, which operates at national, regional, provincial, and district levels.