flaccid bladder

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a urinary bladder disorder resulting from interruption of the reflex arc normally associated with voiding urine

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Over-distension of the detrusor, even for a single episode, can lead to ongoing abnormal detrusor function with further risk of retention and flaccid bladder. Chronic retention, aside from causing overflow incontinence, can cause reflux of urine through the ureters and eventually renal damage.
* Conus medullaris and cauda equina lesions (acontractile bladder)--these patients usually present with a flaccid bladder and internal sphincter or with a combination picture.
If she waits too long, she might end up with a flaccid bladder that overflows, resulting in incontinence.
On the other side of the spectrum is the flaccid bladder. In this case, the bladder does not empty when it is full; instead, it becomes dilated and stretched by excess urine buildup.
* Lower motor neuron (LMN), or flaccid bladder. The muscle has lost its ability to contract and can be easily stretched.