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a flabby softness

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Its agenda changes as it moves, rejecting what it regards as the flabbiness of existing moral and political institutions.
It is good to issue a law based on the general perception of the civil service, but not enough because the flabbiness was not a result of a law, but the economic state in Egypt which stopped producing special jobs after the world financial crisis of 2008, which left a huge impact on the economy.
Peedom and her editor, Christian Gazal, have crafted a tightly woven narrative from this surfeit of footage; the film certainly does not have the flabbiness or over-stuffed sensibility of so many other documentaries with such high shooting ratios.
They become lobotomized automatons, consuming a steady diet of uniform thought--thought that, because of its own flabbiness, has ceased to be thought at all.
Reports claim 19-year-old Canadian singer ridiculed Julie during his trip down under where he called her a "beached whale" because of her flabbiness. Such comments had the teenager to commit suicide.
When describing character, it connotes wimpiness or gullibility; when describing physique, it suggests the flabbiness our fat-phobic culture finds utterly repellent.
While that provides more time to get acquainted with the people involved, it also creates the need to stretch their "Oh this is so tense" banter to the point of flabbiness.
There is too much flabbiness in the current system.
Staging on the basis of the flabbiness of the ovary alone is not recommended, and the inside of the ovary should be examined for hydrated oocytes.
Perhaps the article, entitled "Government job and the Bermuda Triangle," is a good example in this regard to symbolize the unproductive government official depicted by a famous saying: "Do not act so as not to err and then be held responsible." The thing that reinforces the administrative flabbiness is the fear of many officials to confront corruption and corrupters.
The senate that was in the capital "Rome" suffered from flabbiness and mismanagement and deficiency of initiative to face crises because of the consideration that most of its members got the position through money and homey power, not other considerations like skill, expertise or personal efficiency.
His opinions avoid both the fetish of legal formalism and the flabbiness of some forms of legal realism.
The result is to render the book both anonymous and over-personalised, with every attempt at a general statement ('There are three stages of flabbiness in life') quickly devolving into the first person ('Despite knowing this, I...').
(Refresher: C = 100; L = 50; X = 10, V = 5; I = 1.) Though that convention has given America's most-watched annual TV event an air of importance, it's also made for some really unwieldy logos: There was the clunky Super Bowl XXXVIII* in 2004 and the hint of flabbiness in 2006's Super Bowl XL.** The NFL says it has some ideas for making the best of the L problem, including choosing an "L" host city, like London, for the 2016 game, or trying to get people to associate "L" with--good luck with this--"learning" or "love."
We hear a lot about physical flabbiness and it's all true.